DOCK08 KlickFast Klick Fast Screw Fit Emergency Services Garment Dock

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Genuine Peter Jones KlickFast Klick Fast Screw Fit Garment Dock.
The ability to sew is not needed to fit this ingenious dock, just the possession of a small Phillips headed screwdriver (not included)
Once the two parts are screwed together on both sides of the garment (be it Hi-Viz, shirt, fleece Etc) it provides a far more secure mounting point for your Airwave / torch Etc that has a KlickFast stud than the usual fabric loops.
This is a new easy to use 'Screw to Fit' Dock. This Dock can be used to upgrade any existing garment to the Klick Fast Carrying System and is also ideal for use whilst waiting for new garments featuring built-in Docks to be delivered. 
Can be fitted in minutes (please check with your Stores or Purchasing Department that you will not invalidate any warranties by fitting this item)