CB Radio Midland 42 Multi AM/FM UK/EU Handheld with All Accessories

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Look - this is the 'multi' version of the Midland Alan 42, with the full European standard AM/FM CB bands.

  • Multi-Standard Handheld CB Transceiver
  • Backlit LCD Display
  • Includes battery case, cigarette lighter plug power adaptor, antenna and belt clip
  • Digital Signal Meter
  • Dual Watch function lets you monitor two channels at once
  • Scan function
  • Channel 9 button
  • Our complete kit includes:

    • Midland Alan 42 Multi Handheld CB Radio
    • In Car Adaptor - both power and external antenna connection
    • Flexible BNC Antenna
    • Alkaline Battery Case (Batteries not supplied)
    • Rechargable Battery Case (Batteries not supplied)
    • 1 Mains Charger / Power Supply (For both UK & Europe)