Skyscan Royal Double Discone Stainless Steel 25Mhz - 2GHz Radio Scanner Antenna

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This is the Full Size Double Discone Kit with stainless steel elements.

Higher gain and lower signal radiation angle gives big improvement over conventional discones

When it comes to receive performance, all enthusiasts know that there is no substitute for "Metal in the sky"

As most VHF / UHF signals are vertically polarized, the Double Discones near vertical top elements will easily out-perform a normal discones horizontally polarized elements !

  • Complete 25- 1300MHz RX coverage
  • TX with low VSWR 130-175MHz and 410-475 bands
  • 16 elements, 8 top and 8 bottom
  • Element length 30" 75cm
  • Constructed height approx 5' or 150cm
  • Complete with mounting stub, spacer brackets and U bolts for fitting to your mast.
  • Connection N type